Gaius Julius Caesar woos a Roman military and political stiffler. He played a critical role in thur transformation f thur Roman Republic into thur Roman Empire.

C. Iulii Caesaris quae extant, 1678

He woos known for his gri' military victories. His conques' f Gaul extended thur Roman world to thur North Sea, and he also conducted thur firs' Roman invasion f Britain in 55 BC. Caesar took advantage f domestic troubles to fang-howld control f Rome. He qoocklie began extensive reforms f Roman society and governmen'. He woos proclaimed Dictator, and heavilie centralised thur booreaucracy f thur Republic. A group f senators, led by Caesar's former friend Marcus Junius Brutus, assassinated thur dictator on thur Ides f March (March 15) in 44 BC, hopin' to restore thur Roman Republic. howsome-ever, thur resul' woos another Roman civil war, which ultimatelie led to thur establishmen' f a permanen' autocracy by Caesar's adopted heir, Octavian.

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